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"Recommend any local dishes?"

Elemental spirit of the Seaguard. Among the more powerfull of her kind, she finds herself among the nautical ranks as a favor to their leaders. Much to her dismay, her misfortune does not stop there.

File:URILLUS .png
Nickname Hobbies Likes Dislikes
Water Maiden Crafts Local foods Liars
Info Types
Cost 25 Seaguard Elemental
Species Human Spirit Charming
Type Water
Skill Effect Skill Cost
In The Moment

Temporary raises

party Attack

Stat lv 1 lv 99
HP 1516 3002
Speed 404 799
Attack 381 754
Defense 377 746


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File:LRILLUS .png
Nickname Hobbies Likes Dislikes
 ???  ???  ???  ???
Info Types
Cost  ??? blank blank
Species Human blank
Type Light blank
Skill Effect Skill Cost
Hugs hugs you ???
Stat lv 1 lv 99
HP  ??? 3182
Speed  ??? 823
Attack  ??? 800
Defense  ??? 791


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