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In-game screenshot of character bio page

Succubus comes in all element types available in the game.

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Thunder
  • Light
  • Dark

Regardless of element, Succubus is available in two rarities (R, N). Additionally the individual element of the character does not change its stats.

The following biography and stats applies to all element types.

Nickname Hobbies Likes Dislikes
True Enchantress Cosplay Alcohol, make-up Pretentious guys
Themes Species Type Limit
Nightguard, Alluring Demon Available in all elements 4x
Skill Effect Skill Cost Party Cost
Soldier's Dream Raises own attack 15 15

Level 1 Stats

Rarity R N
HP 988
Speed 218
Attack 281
Defense 213

(similar element)


(different element)

Sell Price 100