"Money buys everything."
Loverof nature and beauty, he considers himself a beacon of nobility, never straying from the path of the righteous. In his free time he runs an organization for the protection of the environment.

Nickname Hobbies Likes Dislikes
Heavenly Wing The arts Himself Uncouth people
Info Types
Cost 20 Nobility Greeks Gods
Species Demon Animal Ears Neutral
Type Light
Skill Effect Skill Cost
Grand Effort

Raises own Attack

and Speed

Stat lv 1 lv 99
HP 1464 2899
Speed 504 998
Attack 381 754
Defense 351 695



(Backstory goes here)

File:LRILLUS .png
Nickname Hobbies Likes Dislikes
 ???  ???  ???  ???
Info Types
Cost  ??? blank blank
Species Human blank
Type Light blank
Skill Effect Skill Cost
Hugs hugs you ???
Stat lv 1 lv 99
HP  ??? 3073
Speed  ??? 1034
Attack  ??? 800
Defense  ??? 737


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