Current Event


May 19th 1:00 ~ May 25th 22:59

Past Event


April 21st 1:00 ~ April 27th 22:59

Special Schedule Events


April 16th 20:00 ~ April 16th 22:59 & April 18th 11:00 ~ April 18th 13:59

(Will return at irregular intervals)

Weekly Events

Events that appear every weekly on specific days:

  • Fire Sprites: Power up FIRE types! - All Mondays
  • Water Sprites: Power up WATER types! - All Tuesdays
  • Thunder Sprites: Power up THUNDER types! - All Wednesdays
  • Earth Sprites: Power up EARTH types! - All Thursdays
  • Light & Dark Sprites: Power up LIGHT & DARK types! - All Fridays
  • War of Darkness: Defeat the Wraiths and win CARDS! - All Fridays ??
  • Dwarven Village: Power up your CHARACTERS! - All Weekends
  • Gilded Banquet: Catch the GOLDEN Sprites! - All Weekends

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